You can take advantage of NYC's ever-changing market to test the waters and gather feedback from actual buyers before listing your property publicly. 

Carli Choi

In today’s real estate market, it’s more important than ever to price your home properly if you want to maximize your return.

Why? A property generates the most interest within the first 30 days of hitting the market. If the price is too low, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

If the price is too high, you risk a slow trickle of interest and open house traffic, triggering what could ultimately be a downward spiral of price reductions and low-ball offers. 

“As soon as a property hits the market, the clock starts ticking. On average, after 30 days on the market, a property will sell for below the asking price, and the value will continue to decline,” says Philip Lang, COO and co-founder of boutique real estate firm The Agency.

Why wait until the clock starts ticking to start the marketing process? Instead, what if you could gather data and insights about your home before listing publicly? Read on to learn more.

The Agency's pre-launch marketing advantage: Generating demand before you list for a smarter, faster sale

As part of our company mission to empower the real estate process for buyers and sellers, we saw an opportunity to create a go-to-market strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat, ultimately leading to a smarter, faster sale.

Traditionally, when you sign your Listing Agreement, your agent would get to work coordinating staging and photography, as well as finalizing the property description. While all of that is necessary and important, there’s so much more that can—and should—be done during this time to prepare your property to sell quickly and for the highest price. 

Here’s what we do: 

  1. Reach out to agents with similar listings in the area to tell them about your property so that they can tell their overflow buyers about it.
  2. Send an email blast to all The Agency agents operating in your market so together we can create a network of interest for your property.
  3. Individually target buyers in our robust database who are looking for the type of property you’re selling.

During this two-four week process, The Agency gathers and communicates invaluable buyer feedback, enabling you to best position your property to net the highest price when it’s time to list publicly—all without the associated risks.

“Our pre-launch strategy enables you to optimize your pricing and marketing plan before you put your home on the market,” says David Walker, CEO and co-founder of The Agency.

Why a pre-launch strategy is a smarter approach to selling your home

Generating demand two-four weeks before a property hits the open market greatly increases competition, pricing accuracy, and the likelihood a qualified buyer will be found during the critical, 30-day launch period.

Although testing the market with no risk is the biggest motivator for sellers who leverage The Agency's pre-launch strategy, there are other advantages.

“Some people aren’t able to hold open houses, but they still want to begin the process of assessing demand for their home,” Lang says. Other sellers have different reasons for wanting to start the process before listing publicly. For example, you may have a specific date by which you want to sell your home, or you want to wait until another apartment in your building goes into contract. The Agency's pre-launch strategy allows you to start the marketing process while letting these scenarios run their course. 

Okay, I’m interested. What can I expect?

The pre-launch process begins with a preliminary meeting with The Agency for a property assessment. Next, you’ll meet with one of our top real estate agents to assess your property’s value using proprietary data and insights, and develop a high-impact marketing plan to prepare for your open listing. 

Unlike “stealth,” “whisper,” or “pocket” listings, where the property is quietly for sale but not actually listed on the market, we use a very specific go-to-market strategy that helps sellers gain more data as they get ready to publicly list their property. 

“We believe publicly listing your property is always the best approach, and that more value can be delivered to sellers by listing in conjunction with The Agency’s pre-launch strategy,” Lang says.

Ready to test your price without risk and sell faster—even in New York City’s market? Connect with The Agency today to get started.

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